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1.The 22th Taipei INT'L B,C+Dex



Fair Friend Group was founded in 1979 as the sole distributor in Taiwan for Kobelco (Japan) Construction Machinery. Since its establishment, Fair Friend Group grew to become a multinational and multi-faceted corporation based on its core value of “Honesty, Innovation, and Breakthrough”.

Fair Friend Group insists on the philosophy of “Pursuit of Quality and Excellence”, and this philosophy is also leading us in our management direction and future development. Currently, there are sixteen (16) divisions under the Fair Friend Group covering a wide range of industries. With operations worldwide, each division maximizes its operation efficiency through resource sharing and information exchange.



Fair Friend's manufacturing excellence has won global recognition through joint venture with well-known international firms such as IWATA (Japan, Spray Paint Gun), SKF (Sweden, Power Transmission Components), and TURBOCAM (USA, Aerospace). Through those joint ventures, Fair Friend not only reaches a higher level of excellence in management and technology, but also achieves and surpasses the international standard in product and service quality.  


FEELER Hardware Industrial Corporation in TAIWAN

Established in 1986, FEELER Hardware Industrial Corporation is the largest manufacturer of automatic door closers, floor hinges, and home decorative hardware in Taiwan. For more than 20 years, our company has heavily invested in our own manufacturing facilities and quality control equipment. With over 200 machineries, including CNC machine centers and CNC lathes, from die casting, powder coating, to final product packaging, FEELER provides over 90% in-house manufacturing capability to serve our clients. In order to meet the worldwide quality and safety standard, all the products that we make, must pass our strict quality control procedures and endurance tests. We are confident that our products meet the quality and safety requirement for worldwide market needs.

We, at FEELER, pride ourselves in innovation and quality with the best supply solution for our clients. With that in mind, our R/D department is constantly challenging themselves for new ideas and new products that make our lives safer and more comfortable. Along with different products and clients all over the world, FEELER is the name you can trust and the quality you can rely on.

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