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Products-Door Closers-FD2000 Series  

Product Briefs:Compact Body 2000 Series

Compact Body 2000 Series
  • ※High – End Grade for Residential , Round Shape , Popular Series and Suitable for Lightweight and Narrow Doors , Screen Doors , Metal Boxes .
  • ※Door Closing Speed and Latching Power Speed has Been Adjusted Well by Rotating the One Control Regulating Screw – Valve Before Ex – Factory, Please do not Random Adjustment to This Valve .
  • ※This Series Guarantee for Durability and Use Over 500,000 Cycles .
  • ※5 Years Manufacturer’s Warranty and After – Sales Service of Sustainability .
  • ※Door Hardware Control Products.
Product Features Installation
Compact Body 2000 Series Product Specifications


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